My approach to painting is very organic. I usually find inspiration by being out in nature, whether it be in the mountains, desert, or even outside my home. I find that going to the same location at different times of the day can inspire me to paint with different color palettes. Sometimes I’ll take a photo of my subject if I’m suddenly inspired, and then take it back to my studio to work on it. When time permits, I will bring my art supplies and paint right there on the spot.

I love creating art because it connects me with nature and the beauty of things around me. It calms and grounds me as well. I derive a deep sense of satisfaction from creating something that others can enjoy. My art can live on, well after I’m gone.

I hope you take the time to browse my portfolio and feel the passion that went into creating each painting!

“From My Window” was the first painting of mine that won an award. It now hangs at the Chateau Relaxeau hotel in Paris.